Change Your Mind

we're a community of organisations and individuals that challenge status quo's and find new solutions through creativity, courage and corkscrew thinking.

The term Corkscrew Thinking was first coined during World War Two to describe the unique minds disrupting traditional warfare with elaborate schemes, operations and innovative advancements in technology. The term was uncovered once again in 2011 by chance as we looked to unlock a new breed of innovators and thought leaders.

Find out how following a Corkscrew mindset is a simple process that relies on the four loop elements of recognise, empathise, devise and galvanise.

Meet our expanding collective of Corkscrew Thinkers, individuals from diverse backgrounds and industries that are passionate about finding unique alternatives through a Corkscrew mind.

Corkscrew have worked with a diverse range of organisations in delivering innovative systems change, creating impact driven training and facilitating innovation based programs for growth and advancement through a Corkscrew approach. Check out our most recent partner case studies.

If you’re looking to solve existing challenges in your personal or professional life, but struggling to find new solutions then why not learn to reframe your problems through one of our Corkscrew Thinking coaching packages.

Join Andreu and Neil on their journey to discover the Corkscrew Minds of the past and present. Exploring diverse innovators and disrupters that have challenged their status quo’s in incredible and inspiring ways.

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