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Introducing The *Startup Experienceship Series

Our Startup Experienceship series aims to kick internships into the 21st century. The experienceship focuses on creating exactly the right environment to develop key professional skills, with a blend of an internship and study abroad within innovative coworking hubs, taking place in entrepreneurial capitals around the world. It’s unlike anything else in existence, and the feedback has been amazing…


Corkscrew Success Stories (Read More Here)

I Want To…
Start A Business

The nine to five world isn’t right for me and I kind of like the idea of working for myself.
Read Eoghan’s Startup Story

I Want To…
Explore My Career Options

I’m just getting started in the world of work and I’m not ready to commit to a career path.
Read Stella’s Startup Story

I Want To…
Learn New Skills

I don’t feel like I’m progressing in my career and I want to try something new and interesting.
Read Steve’s Startup Story