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Corkscrew Minds
Corkscrew Minds
Who are Corkscrew?

Challenging status quos
with creativty and courage.

Corkscrew Minds have been been innovating and breaking traditional thinking since the term was first coined at the height of conflict in World War Two. From Alan Turings approach to code breaking at Bletchley park Park to today’s tech entrepreneurs we can see the impact and change a different mind of thinking can have on the world around us. At Corkscrew we work to empower individuals and organisations to challenge the constraints of their own societal norms to design alternative solutions through creativity and courage.


Identify established status quos limiting opportunity and innovation.


Utilize creative approaches to devise innovative alternatives to established status quo.


Understand and empathise with restrictors enforcing the challenged status quo.


Develop confidence and courage to action alternatives and assess impact.

Personal and professional success with Corkscrew


Embracing a Corkscrew Mind can help in reframing and approaching personal established barriers and obstacles through a different lens. From re:imagining your career path to offering innovative solutions to life challenges your Corkscrew Mind will allow you to form new perspectives and opportunities.

Rethink established systems and innovate for future success


Our team of Corkscrew Thinkers come from a diverse set of sectors and industries from Engineering to Entrepreneurship, but all focused on assisting both private and public sector bodies innovate for future success through system change, the creation of inspiring environments and approaching business models through a Corkscrew Mind.

Global Experienceship Programs

The Corkscrew Education team developed a 4 week internship alternative for a cohort of students from a range of US universities. The focus was to unlock critical future work skills through work experience, entrepreneurship and a corkscrew mindset.

//Our Companies

Corkscrew Subsidiary Companies

Launched by Corkscrew

Corkscrew Minds and the world of startups are synonymous with each other, so of little surprise that new businesses have launched under the Corkscrew parent company.

Generator Cowork Space

The Generator Hub cowork space was launched in 2011 in the heart of Exeter to provide an innovative environment to stimulate collaboration and community for professionals and students in the South West. Today there are more than 250 members that access the space on a regular basis.


Nexgen Careers

Created through Corkscrew’s earliest Experienceship programs that provided a unique alternative to traditional internships, Nexgen Careers continue to carve a new path in the field of career design working to assist and empower in professional success.


Our Collective//


The Corkscrew Collective

Meet some of the innovative minds behind Corkscrew

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