Why you can’t afford to ignore Self Branding

We are living in a time where as a global population we have never been as connected, visible or technologically advanced as we are today. This means that…

1. The Global employment market is ‘louder’ than ever

2. We have never had so many options about what direction to take our careers 

We want to talk to you about Self Brand and show you how investing in ‘Brand You’ can turn two statements above from daunting barriers into exciting opportunities. 

If you follow Gary Vee or Buzzfeed it is more than likely that you will have heard the phrase Self Brand. You might even know what it means. 

Let’s unpack it quickly.

Self Brand is basically about you marketing yourself and your career as a brand. 

This includes (but is not limited to) defining the following…

  • Brand Values – what do you stand for?
  • Key Messaging – what are you saying? what do you want to be known for?
  • Audience – who are you talking to? trying to reach?
  • Strategy – how are you going build ‘Brand You’?

There is also a misconception that Self Brand is all about Self Promotion. This is not true. 

Self Brand should be about you finding an effective way of demonstrating and communicating your personality, your strengths and your passions to people.

Why is it important?

Let’s cover a few of the benefits…

1. The day’s of having a ‘job for life’ are over. Historically employers have been willing to pay for CPD (continued professional development) because employees were seen as long term company assets and therefore investment in CPD was seen as investment in the company’s internal assets.

That’s not the case in 2018

You are likely to change jobs every 3/4 years

You are likely to want to take a break to go travelling. Not a holiday. Like quit your job and go travelling

You are likely to end up working as a freelancer or in the gig economy

Therefore your career development, your learning beyond school days, your success, your job satisfaction, your happiness. That’s all on you

2. Investing time in your personal development; investing time in learning after your school days are done; investing time in opening doors for yourself. It’s damn attractive! Like Ryan Gosling attractive!

If a company is looking for a new team member, a candidate who has taken control of their career development, who knows themselves and communicate that clearly. That’s going to put you ahead of the race before it’s even started. 

3. It is super therapeutic to stop and take check of where you are at and where you you want to go.

Our lives have become so busy that we get caught up in an endless stream of notifications, updates and FOMO. When was the last time you stopped to check in with yourself? My guess would be not recently enough. 

Self Branding forces you to consider your strengths, what you really care about, how you personally define being successful as well as areas that you might need to invest time in developing such as skills, relationships, health, money. 

It also pushes you to identify what it is that makes ‘you’ you. In business terms, your USP (Unique Selling Point). Once you know what this is you can make sure you are positioning yourself correctly in the marketplace to be noticed by the right peopleAnd finally perhaps the most important point…

Self Brand is not something you choose to have or not have. 

Everyone has a Self Brand. If you choose to ignore yours you are simply leaving other people to write it for you

Why would you want to let someone else write your legacy?

Like seriously?!


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