Stella Wanted To…
Explore Her Career Options

Stella Portelli attended our January 2014 *Hybrid Internships program and tells us about her experience…

I do not think that finding an awesome job in less than a week after completing Corkscrew is mere coincidence. Few weeks ago I was a science graduate with an interest in project management and entrepreneurship. Now, I am a research chemist at a pharmaceutical company in Malta with set of skills that allow me to manage my own side projects.

Corkscrew served to help me define myself as a professional.

Apart from enhancing my entrepreneurial spirit and increasing my employability, Corkscrew served to help me define myself as a professional. In fact, I was offered the job interview for my current position just by managing my Linkedin account as advised by the Corkscrew mentors.

It is uncanny how just 28 days of Corkscrew contributed so much to my personal career and how many relevant skills one can learn regardless of the person’s background and future goals.

A little bit jealous?