*Remote Experienceships.

Why use your vacation to work in lowly internships when you can combine your studies with our innovative *Remote Experienceships? Download our Remote Experienceship checklist now!

Develop Key Remote Work Skills And Boost Your Resume. 

Our 12 week part time *Remote Experienceship can be taken alongside your college studies as you develop the critical skills needed in a modern workplace. Harness the power of remote working through a real online business project and create a kickass virtual presence through expert advice on how to work remotely for your selected company.

Part One | Remote Training

The first 4 weeks you’ll be taken through our Remote Experienceship training program as you prepare for the live business project.


Part Two | Real Work Project

The next 8 weeks you will work on a strategic analysis for a global startup that will identify key future strategies for your selected client.

Part Three | Validation

At the end of the 12 weeks gain validation from your remote experienceship and also the potential of an extension with your client.

'Screw The Internship, Learn To Work Remotely.' Forbes Magazine

There is no hard data that proves any significant impact from tradtional internships, so why spend time as a lowly intern? Remote work is now the best chance for a path toward employment, so learn the key skills now through our unique Remote Experienceships.

Working remotely is a skill in itself, learn from those who know. 

Part One | Remote Training.

The first 4 weeks of this Experienceship will focus on developing your ability to work remotely effectively. We will teach you how to manage your time, your client and your self brand. You will build your own online persona and be taught the foundations of startup business to prepare you for part two!

Remote Skills

Learn the skills needed for your future nomadic career path.


Weekly Meetups

Join your dedicated Corkscrew Coach for advice and feedback.

Startup Training

Info on how to analyse startups and advise on USP through to SEO.

Self Brand

Advice on how to build your self brand both on and offline.

Perfect Your Remote Skills

Over the first 4 weeks we’ll work with you to get you ready for your Remote Experienceship. We’ll make sure you know how to arm yourself with the right kit and build a self brand that will take you to the next level through our unique Corkscrew Thinking methodology.

Why accept admin roles, when you can have high impact work projects? 

Part Two | Real Work Projects.

For the final 8 weeks you will work on a vital business project for your selected client. You will prepare a full overview of the company and industry and provide advice for future developments in areas such as marketing and online strategy for the client to implement within their organisation. 

Business Project

Realtime business project that directly impacts host company.

Remote Work

Work from your house, beach or school, it’s up to you.

Part Time

Commitment of 10 hours a week, so combine with college.

College Credit

Access college credit through structured internship options.

Client Meetings

Weekly virtual meetings with your host company.

Startup Skills

Work on key aspects of startups and advise on future strategies..


Corkscrew Coach

Regular support from a dedicated Corkscrew Coach.

Global Startups

Select your host company from global startup organisations.

Challenging Business Project

Too often internships provide just the most basic admin roles within an organisation. Why settle for making the coffee when you can have a direct impact on the future of a startup organisation from across the globe with host organisations from Barcelona to Berlin.

The best investment you can make is in yourself – Warren Buffett. 

The Details.

At Corkscrew we provide you with the support, advice and training you need to make the most of your Remote Experienceship. Our expert coaches will teach you the tips and tricks to take away tangible outcomes from your journey into the world of remote working.

Price | $495

Includes coaching, host company, cover letter, certificate and more.

10 Hours A Week

You must be able to commit to 10 hours a week for 3 months.

Next Start Date

The next Remote Experienceship will begin 1st August 2017.

Future Opportunity

On completiion there are future remote opportunities.

Join the Screw Crew.

Is your college preparing you for the world of work? Things are changing rapidly so keep up! Startups are now the biggest graduate recrtuiter, so join us now to accelerate your career.

Why worry about the added burden of sourcing and travelling to a low impact internship, when you can learn relevant new skills through a remote Experienceship?. Join Corkscrew like our previous remote interns.

We don’t really cover personal development or self brand on campus, so the idea of combining both was really exciting! I also loved I could fit the work around my studies and not use up my entire summer interning!. 

Maddison Henry

Junior, Univeristy of Alabama

I searched for an internship for months with no joy. The idea of having a direct impact for a company and to finish with a tangible project was perfect for gaining credit at my school and for my own confidence.

Ben Jennings

Sophomore, Emory University

It’s vital that our students get as much access to relevant work experience while studying, the remote experienceships structures key personal development with critical professional experience.

Professor Rupa Simmling

Faculty, Exeter Univeristy

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