Dr. Martens meets Corkscrew Minds

Corkscrew Thinking can provide the team to have the courage to innovate and break away from traditional marketing methods.

There are some brands you think of that just scream disruption and a willingness to break any sort of tradition that stands before them, pirates of industry. Dr. Martens is one of the those brands. This is a brand steeped in  innovation and a willingness not to conform and has to be one of our favourite Corkscrew Thinking companies, so it was a real honour to be invited into their UK head office to run a series of Corkscrew Challenges to help foster ownership of creativity and outside the box thinking.

Working with their Vice President of Global Digital the team at Corkscrew developed an immersive challenge based experience for the Dr Martens European marketing team to increase initiative and take ownership of disrupting traditional marketing norms in line with the brands product vision. 


We want Corkscrew Minds to challenge marketing status quo's, like the way our boots did to the shoe market.

Corkscrew ensured that the challenges implemented over the workshop provided tangible developments in how the team approached problem solving, creativity and their own self imposed barriers. Aligning the history of Corkscrew Thinking in WW2 with Dr Martens own (Klaus Martens was a doctor in the German Army in the second world war and improved military boots with air padded soles made of tyres after he injured his ankle in 1945) and connecting the marketing team with the rebels that are the Dr Martens community.

Do you want to empower your teams creators and innovators? 

Organisation’s, however innovative, can find patterns and processes easily embed into each facet of your business. At Corkscrew we will work with you, your team, your community and your vision to ensure you’re continue to challenge your industry norms and break the status quo’s holding back your true creative potential.

Get in touch for more information and we’ll arrange a time where we can explore what Corkscrew Thinking can do for your organisation. 

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