Design & Innovation Work Sprints // Carthage College

1. Real World Innovation

Corkscrew worked in collaboration with Carthage College to create real world innovation elements that would challenge the programs theory.

2. Digital & Physical Projects

Corkscrew developed and facilitated virtual innovation client projects and a live design sprint in the city of Barcelona

‘It’s one thing to learn skills, but it’s another thing to apply those skills’ // Dr Madden (director innovation)

Carthage College wanted real world application of their Design and Innovation Masters program, and tasked Corkscrew with developing and facilitating real world innovation challenges where students could implement their theoretical knowledge.

Developing critical work relevant experiences in areas such as innovative leadership, business metrics, strategic market analysis,  financial analysis for decision making, designing and developing high impact teams and business design and development allowed the course to build vital real world experience in innovation consultancy.

Corkscrew worked in conjunction with the academic team at Carthage College to build a robust, impactful and innovative live experiential components that would provide an extra dimension to the classroom dynamic offered to those on the masters program.

Blending innovative curriculum with impactful live challenge based work sprints in the inspiring city of Barcelona.

When Corkscrew worked with Carthage College in developing the challenge based work sprints we wanted to ensure that participants experienced the new norms in working with both digital and in country live work sprints that would push them to their limits and provide them with the confidence to utilise their theoretical knowledge in a real world capacity.

I would say that this program really pushed me outside my comfort zone, and I didn’t even realise I still had a comfort zone. 

If you would like to find out more about the Design Innovation Sprints that we created alongside Carthage College for their masters innovation track then use the link below to send us your details and we would be happy to go through in more detail the process, objectives and impact that such experiential challenges can bring to your institute and students.

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