Corkscrew Thinking Creates Cowork Space with Soul

1. Create Innovative Space

Corkscrew were tasked to build an innovative and unique work environment that fostered innovation and creativity..

2. Build Engaged Community

The Generator wanted community to be at the heart of everything they did, they wanted to feel they were more than a building. They wanted a space with soul.

You can set up a laptop anywhere, so you need to be different. It’s the people that keep you coming back. It’s the soul of the space. // Jim Strong (co-founder) 

The Generator launched in 2012 in the growing city of Exeter in Devon. At that time there was lack of cohesion in innovation in the city and no physical locations where driven entrepreneurs, thought leaders and dynamic professionals could meet, engage and learn. The Generator wanted to create more than a physical space, they wanted to create a community of local individuals eager to get more from their work environments.

Corkscrew worked in developing a physical space that would foster a strong community with people at it’s heart. Initially taking a listed property in the financial district in Exeter the Generator quickly grew in regards to the place for freelancers, entrepreneurs and growing businesses to be based. 3 years later in 2015 The Generator expanded to a second location in a warehouse at the Quayside in Exeter.

The Generator requested that Corkscrew continued to assist in the growth and strengthening of the cowork community and to ensure that the soul of the space was the driving factor behind the vision of the organisation. Corkscrew still work today from the space and through the process of Corkscrew Thinking continuously look at how to maintain innovation and evolution in the world of cowork communities.

Creating diverse communities are environments critical to adopt a Corkscrew Mind.

During our work with The Generator we really witnessed the power of a collective and how diversity allows us to rethink our status quo’s. Working with individuals from diverse backgrounds, beliefs and cultures really work to rethink traditional approaches. From our work in building a ‘Space with Soul’ we were able to learn how to empower individuals amongst a community to rewire their thinking and build confidence in trying new alternatives and approaches to established systems and processes.

Working with individuals from diverse backgrounds, beliefs and cultures really work to rethink traditional approaches. 

If you would like to find out more about how Corkscrew Thinking can help you rethink your approach, processes or systems then get in touch. We work with a range of industries and sectors and engage with all key stakeholders to ensure aligned visions when challenging established norms.

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