Community always and will forever be the heart of everything we do at Corkscrew. Back in 2012, Neil founded Corkscrew because he wanted to create environments that allowed people to realise their true potential beyond the constraints of traditional education’s standardised testing methods. Since then Corkscrew has evolved in numerous ways but the one constant throughout has been our community and the team’s commitment to creating environments that develop Corkscrew Thinking so that people can creatively and courageously live their best lives.


Having run our program in-person for 6 years, last August we decided that we wanted to take out materials online to both increase the accessibility of our programs globally but to also support the delivery of our live programs. The result of this idea was the creation of Corkscrew Backstage? A safe space where you can step out of the public limelight to work on both your personal and professional development

Read more about why we called it Backstage here or read more about what you’ll find Backstage below.


All of our program and course materials are hosted on Backstage. We don’t believe in the classic ‘teacher stood in front of a whiteboard’ model of teaching. All of our programs are built around experiential, challenged based learning and as such all of our materials are available online through videos and downloads. We understand that people learn at different speeds and so by having our coaching materials online it allows people the chance to revisit certain topics. On top of that it frees up time to make space for collaborative, dynamic conversations.


We also use Backstage to share all of our juicy BTS updates. From team meetings, new partnerships, program announcements and community news you’ll find it all on Backstage. We believe in honesty and therefore transparency and sharing the BTS stuff is really important to us.


Since 2012, our global community of Corkscrew Thinkers has grown to over 1000 members. That’s a lot of people for you to connect with and learn from. Although you’ll find us on social media, Backstage is the official home of our community. The official home for people who are actively engaged with Corkscrew and who are committed to pushing themselves to be better than they were yesterday.


Sometimes, before we can grow we have to be really honest with ourselves about where we are at right now. Acknowledging our strengths and the things that are going well but also the parts of our lives that we wish could be different; school, work, relationships, finance etc. Our online presences are often so public that we wanted to create a safe, private space where you can be really honest with both yourself and us about the changes that you would like to make. Backstage is that space.


You know almost everything you can about Backstage so now its time to join us and start your Corkscrew Thinking journey.

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Like a newsletter, but better, sign up below to receive the best of Corkscrew every month.

Like a newsletter, but better, sign up below to receive the best of Corkscrew every month.