With fewer than 41% of students feeling prepared for life after college, find alternative pathways to gaining valuable experience is key. Micro-internships have recently gained popularity as one of these alternatives and are being met with great praise from both companies and students. 

They are pretty much what they say on the tin; short-term work experienceship placements. Unlike traditional internships in which an intern would need to commit a minimum of 6 – 12 weeks to their host organisation, micro-internships can last anywhere from 1 – 4 weeks and because of the short time frames, are often available to be completed remotely. 

The benefits?

There is a long-standing argument that traditional internships contribute towards increasing the opportunity gap between working class and middle/ upper class students. Often students from lower socio-economic backgrounds are unable to accept in internship placements due to a need to work and earn money during academic holiday periods. 

Micro-internships allow students to do both as they are short-term and therefore students are able to fit them around other work commitments, but even better, those that can be completed remotely can therefore also be completed from campus during term-time. 

This leads to the second point. Remote opportunities reduce the need for travel, which although in itself is an amazing opportunity, for those students struggling to pay their fees, let alone additional college costs 

The third benefit to the remote nature of many micro-internships is that they are more aligned with the future of work. 70% of professionals already work one day per week remotely and so developing the discipline of working remotely is only going to benefit students in the long term as they adapt to the changing nature of where, when and how they work. 

At Corkscrew we take this one process step further.

We believe that there is huge, long-term value in students learning how to find their own micro-internship opportunities. To allow students the chance to learn a tested and repeatable process that they can carry with them throughout their career. 

Imagine. What happens when a student who has relied on someone finding them an internship placement graduates? How do they go about finding employment opportunities. They turn to recruiters? Or they struggle and end up with a unfulfilling job that they quit within a year or two?

We have proven (over the last 7 years) that by showing people firstly how to self reflect in order to work out what kind of opportunities and companies they would like to gain experience with before secondly coaching them through a guaranteed communication process, that amazing long-term personal and professional growth and confidence can be achieved.   

The best part?

This process can be repeated (independently) throughout their studies so that rather than just gaining one experience, they can rack up 5, 6, 7, 8 amazing work placement experiences before they even graduate! 

For more information about our Remote Experienceship program and Own Your Career Series please reach out to Cecilia at cecilia@corkscrew.io 


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Like a newsletter, but better, sign up below to receive the best of Corkscrew every month.

Like a newsletter, but better, sign up below to receive the best of Corkscrew every month.