An online community working towards the Global Goals. 

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting the founder of Make Sense, Christian Vanizette. After spending a day with him, I just knew that this organization had to featured as a case study of Corkscrew Thinking in Action as an example of  a company challenging the status quo.

The team behind Make Sense have generated a global community of people who are motivated to take action on problems that matter to them. People who want to create a better world. 

An exciting challenge, right?

The organization was founded 8 years ago. But it was in 2015 that they started to scale when the 17 Sustainable Development Goals were established. It was then as a society, we had framework to work towards global problems that we care about and that need to be addressed.


Make sense took this as an opportunity to launch community projects platforms through Facebook groups. Their goal was to connect social entrepreneurs with local agents and volunteers who could make projects come true. And when you look into the portfolio of projects they have helped bring to life you see that they are those that really have changed the world little by little. You can see some examples here.

Actually, projects like Too Good To Go were incubated in their platform. 

Their online presence and creative use of the digital tools available to them has enabled Make Sense to generate a network of more than 100,000 people involved in fulfilling the Global Goals for Sustainable Development. Their work has inspired people from every corner of the world to take action. 

But creativity is only half of the story. Most people would view tackling the Global Goals as an impossible challenge. But Make Sense are demonstrating Corkscrew Thinking in their approach. Rather than attempt to tackle of the Global Goals themselves, they have created a platform which enables and empowers people to take action. To connect people with ideas, resources and support. Each one identifying a micro-problem and putting all their energy into working towards a micro-solution. They can do this because they know that together, their combined efforts can make a real dent and a real change in the world. They say that to achieve real change, we need the 10% of society taking part of this in tackling the Global Goals. Make Sense aim to impact that 10% before 2030. If you do the calculations you will see that it is a large number, but we need risk-takers to set these kind of targets if we are going to stand a chance of sparking the change to create a positive and significant impact.


This organisation inspired me a lot, as a social entrepreneur but also as a Corkscrew Thinker. I believe you need to be creative enough to be able to gather the different resources needed to achieve your mission in the same place. And, my perception is they have simplified all their methodology in online communication channels and are already providing positive impact in different locations all over the world. 


If you have also been inspired, I recommend you to visit their site, but also to watch their audiovisual pieces and documentary on climate action. You can find more information here.


Here at Corkscrew we love to celebrate Corkscrew Thinking across the globe. We’re looking for creative and courageous individuals, companies and educators and we want your help. If you think you’ve seen Corkscrew Thinking in action and would like to highlight the excellence then send us some details below. Please include as much information as possible such as web addresses, contact details and descriptions. If the Corkscrew Thinking in action you suggest is highlighted we’ll be sure to give you credit so leave your details too! 

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Like a newsletter, but better, sign up below to receive the best of Corkscrew every month.