Levelling the Digital Advertising Playing Field

Introducing Gener8, the Browser Add-on that allows consumers to take control of the targeted ads that they see on their screens.

Founded by former Red Bull Global Brand Manager, Sam Jones (pictured above), the London based Startup is shaking up the digital advertising industry by putting consumers first.

How does the traditional model work?

Currently, companies pay websites to show you adverts online via the webpages that you visit.

Now I’m no advertising expert but I am aware that personal data is constantly being mined through my digital presence and activity. Through cookies and pixels(not as cute as they sound!) my digital journey, preferences and purchasing decisions are tracked. This data is then used to inform targeted advertising and in turn, the adverts that appear on my screen.

Sometimes they can be pretty spot on (from a brand’s POV)

That pair of shoes for example that have been sat in my ASOS basket for a couple of days?

They magically appear on my Instagram feed and I’m reminded of how pretty they are and how much I need them in my life!

On the other hand, sometimes they miss the mark. [Enter my favourite example from left of the stage]

Image shows regular screenshot sent to my partner^^

I would love to know how much money Clear Blue have wasted on me over the years. You’d think that my regular google searches for home remedies for period cramps or more recent research into IUD’s might have been a pretty good clue that I’m not presently in the market for a baby but still they appear as the trailer to most of my YouTube video watching.

[The only reason offered up by a friend as to why this may be is that my taste is music and entertainment is as eclectic and random as that of a hormonal and heavily pregnant lady]

Anyway, back to the main part of this story.

There have been previous attempts to disrupt the archaic world of advertising. Through ad-blockers, it has been possible to remove the deluge of digital ads that internet users are subjected to. Gener8 appear to be searching for a happy medium. A middle ground that allows users to take some control of the adverts they see and rewarding them for viewing the content through micro-payments.

With seemingly new data scandals being reported every week, privacy concerns and wariness in consumer attitudes to brands is on the up. 

Gener8 wants to fix this broken relationship by returning power to the hands of internet users who are inundated with targeted adverts generated from tracked and scraped personal data.

How do they plan on doing this?

Once the Add-on is installed, Gener8 allow you to select advertising preferences. This is to give you control over the digital adverts that you see. It also rewards you with tokens for every ad viewed which can be exchanged for money. Well, this is the plan for the future*. For now, users can happily go about their internet browsing and rack up their stash of tokens until the critical mass of 50,000 users is reached at which point Gener8 will activate the ‘convert to currency’ function.

Need more convincing?

Once you have converted your tokens, you will be able to choose to either withdraw your “winnings” or donate to a charity of your choice. 

This Gener8 add-on has the makings of a 21st Century Robin Hood don’t you think?

Whilst some people argue that users are still giving over their data, Jones’ rebut is that provides users with more control and choice over how their data is used…

Their philosophy appears to be based towards building better connections between brands and consumers and they plan to do this through challenging digital advertising standards.

An example of Corkscrew Thinking in Action? Yes!! 100%

When you consider that the global spend on digital advertising in 2019 will exceed $230 billion, taking on such a giant and anchored industry is a risky move. What’s clever about Gener8’s strategy is that it isn’t sticking two fingers to the advertising agencies in the way that AdBlockers did. Instead they are working to rework the current model, introduce new key stakeholders to the table and redistribute control and currency in an attempt to rebuild loyalty and credibility. 

An advocate of Gener8, CEO of Social Chain Steve Bartlett believes that Gener8 is taking the first step towards disrupting and reshaping the digital advertising ecosystem…

“By taking back control, we can change things”

The full proof of the pudding is yet to be seen with the highly anticipated function of converting tokens into currency. For now, we doth our caps to Gener8, for taking on a seemingly mammoth task – challenging the status quo of Digital Advertising.

And we will also continue to watch our Gener8 pots continue to top up with tokens! 

Gener8, we wish you all the best of luck and look forward to watching developments over the coming months!

Want to try it out yourself? Just click the button below!


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