FAQs That You Need To Know

Great, if you’ve made your way to the FAQ section it means we’ve spiked your interest. And don’t worry with such a unique program and way of working it’s a great idea to check the info below before making that next step!

The Key FAQs You Need To Know:

What are Experienceships?
OK, so you may say we’re ruining the english language with our word mashup, but the truth is we tried to find a suitable term to explain what we do, the difficult thing was there isn’t one! Our Experienceships are ultimately a perfect concoction of work experience (real nitty gritty business projects, not coffee making!) with practical learning in the area of business startup, all served up in the innovative environment of an established cowork space (in the heart of key startup cities). This is all about the experience and about you taking responsibility for developing key professional and personal skill sets as you’re guided through the program by pretty kick ass mentors. We don’t want to be an internship or a study program provider, we want to do what we want and provide Startup Experienceships.
Can I choose which company I take an Experienceship with?

Nope, we are not an internship provider. We don’t match you with an organisation of your choice, the organisation and the project are all residents of the coworking spaces we run our Experienceships from. If you want to work within a specific company or industry then this program isn’t for you.

What kind of real business projects will I work on?
Now if we told you that it wouldn’t be a challenge! Our projects are set when you arrive on your first day on the program. It’s up to you to learn about the organisation, the founders, the team and the project in question and then tackle the business project over the 4 weeks. One thing we can say is that the project you work on will have a direct impact on the company you work with and will look awesome on your resume! We can also tell you that the skills you develop and learn from the project will be valuable in terms of developing your startup understanding.
What hours do I work?
I didn’t realise startups ever took time off 😉



The program hours are Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm, however, some of the best work can be done in the evenings and weekends when you get some real time to think about your startup concept as you explore the cities and network with likeminded minds from all walks of life.

What if I have no experience in the area of the project?
Then you’ll have to use your initiative and get your creative problem solving powers fired up (don’t worry we have challenges to help you see what a problem solving super hero you can be!).
What's 'Pitch Night'?
Pitch night is the climax of the Startup Experienceship, just think Shark Tank or Dragon’s Den! We have the Bear Pit where you will have 5 minutes to pitch your business idea to local entrepreneurs (or as we call them, our 3 Bears!). The winning pitch/pitches will receive up to $2000 in prize money*

*The prize money is dependent on how many people we have on the program.

I don't have a business idea, can I still join?
Of course!! This program is all about developing new ideas and it actually works better to come as a blank canvas. 95% of participants who join the program don’t start with a startup idea, but 100% have left with one so far! The Experienceship is about using your surroundings and the people you meet to look for opportunities and magpie from the things you experience.
What do the startup training elements include?
We have 4 key sections:

Chapter 1: Think Big
Learn how to find a viable business idea, explore your creative side and think entrepreneurially, finding problems in the world around you.

Chapter 2: Is It SEAMLESS?
Learn fundamental business skills and learn how to tell if an idea has the potential to be a feasible business by using our unique SEAMLESS business model concept.

Chapter 3: Kickstart Your Company
Learn the technical skills needed to kickstart your new business by starting small and growing big. Build your website in a morning! We very much use the Lean model for startups and make the process engaging and relevant to your business idea.

Chapter 4: Self-Brand & Networking
Improve your professional skill set and learn vital employability and networking techniques that will help you stand out from the competition.

Am I eligible?
Our only criteria is that you need to be 18 or over to join the program. Our application procedure makes sure we get the right kind of people for the program, those with a sense of adventure, willingness to learn and use initiative to get to where they want.
What's the application procedure?

So, you’ll notice we keep our 1 to 1 contact and pre departure support to a minimum, this is because we feel that the info on the site, our social media and from the group chat’s is more than enough to prepare you for the Startup Experienceship. This means we can keep our costs low and use the money on the things you consider important (the program!). Below are the 10 steps to joining the StartuP Experienceship:

1) Read all the info on the site – including the rest of the FAQs!

2) Sign up to a live 45 minute group chat with one of the founders (Book Place)

3) Research the city and cost of living (check out airbnb.com or homestay.com)

4) Confirm your spot with a $250 deposit here (we work on first come first served so don’t lose out!)

5) Receive the info pack with more info on the program and info we need from you

6) Book your flights

7) Pay remainder of program fee (we offer different instalment plans, but require payment 4 weeks before start date)

8) Say good bye to family and friends

9) Meet us Sunday evening for welcome get together

10) Now the adventure begins!

What's a cowork space?
Where have you been hiding!? Cowork spaces are thriving work environments occupied by startups and small businesses looking for innovative spaces to connect and collaborate. Working within the cowork space you will get the chance to meet founders and professionals from diverse industries. You can check out more info about our collaborating cowork spaces here**
Can I get college credit for an Experienceship?
Now this is one we get a lot, and I wish we could just say YES, However, we can’t! The process of accessing college credit for each and every college for each and every potential participant would require more resources than would be feasibly possible. Our program relies on us developing current and relevant information on the world of startup, business and career development and we feel chasing college faculty wouldn’t be the best use of our time or skills. However, we put it back to you – Can YOU get college credit for an Experienceship? We’ve seen some pretty tenacious individuals on the program get college credit independently by highlighting what amazing things they had personally achieved through the program (before, during and after their time on the Experienceship), so work on your negotiating skills and go convince your faculty to give you some credits!
Why don't you provide accommodation?
Have you heard of www.airbnb.com 😉


We started life providing accommodation, but:

1) we couldn’t stomach the financial cost we would need to pass onto our participants (have you seen some of the prices Internship providers charge? $8000/$9000 for 8 weeks! We know you can get accommodation for as little as $500 for a month

2) This is an Experienceship – it’s about the WHOLE experience. Why would you want us to sort accommodation with people you’ll be spending all day and night working with!? Why not find a host that matches your interest/hobbies and get shown round the city by a local!

3) We only accept over 18 year olds on the program, so you really don’t need us sorting your accommodation for you, look at it as part of the challenge of the program!

Do you provide airport pick ups?
Nope. Challenge number 2 on the Experienceship – find your way to the meeting point 🙂
Do you provide pre departure support?

We’re convinced that this term was first coined by organisation who struggled to justify their high prices! What type of pre departure support do you need? We provide all information on our website, group skype chats (see Group Chats) and in the info pack provided when $250 deposit has been paid to confirm your place on the program. By limiting the amount of 1 to 1 support before the program we can keep our costs relevant to your time on the program.

Can I stay for more than 4 weeks?


Yep. We will help as much as we can from trying to find a relevant regular work placement for you (although we expect you to put in the effort while you’re in country!).

How can I contact you guys?

The best way is to send us a tweet (if you don’t have a twitter account, set one up, you’ll need it if you join the program!) or send a direct message on Facebook or join one of our bi-weekly skype chats  for any answers you can’t find here.

If it just can’t wait and you feel it’s something really, really important then you can email team@corkscrew.io, but please do this as a last resort – you don’t want you email to increase our prices for everyone 😉



Can you give advice and assist with visa applications?
With so many participants from so many countries it’s just not feasible for us to give advice on visas. We do say that we don’t view our program as an Internship, it’s not work, but an Experience in another country that develops your professional and personal skills. If you need a letter of invitation for your visa we can only currently provide this from Barcelona (although we are working hard to make this an option for Berlin).
How many people are on the program?
The numbers normally range from 6 to 20 per program. They come from different backgrounds and walks of life, but all looking for that unique Experience.
My parents want to know more, can you chat with them?

Of course we can, they are more than welcome to join the live group chats and ask any questions they may have in regards to the program (reserve a place)

Next Step? Meet one of our founders at one of our live meetups