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Corkscrew Startup Experienceships are run by independent partners who live and breath startup and creativity in their local cities. By partnering with likeminded local partners we bring you the most immersive startup programs possible.

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How We Select Our Cities

Corkscrew Startup Experienceships are all based from cities renowned for their startup communities and rich blend of culture and inspiration.

Inspiring global cities to spark new ideas and concepts

Diverse and welcoming cultures to enhance your international experience

Rich with varied activities and interests to suit the most diverse passions


Partnering With Knowmads

About Knowmads

Knowmads Business School offers creative programs that challenge students to create their own education and startup projects. A platform to make a positive difference in the world.


Amsterdam is the Netherlands’ capital, known for its artistic heritage, creativity and cultural openness. It’s the perfect city to stimulate innovative thinking and that perfect startup idea.

Dates & Tuition

DATES | Coming Soon…..


Partnering With Makers Of Barcelona (MOB)

About Makers of Barcelona

Makers of Barcelona is not just about co-working, they are a platform for change- both in and around the community. A magnate for new ideas and a source of inspiration and real time networking.


Barcelona’s work/play lifestyle continues to draw in global talent, attested to by the many startup events held in the city it attracts a lot of international talent making it a thriving startup hub.

Dates & Tuition

DATES | June 2017 (TBC)
TUITION | From $3000


Partnering With Lower East Lab

About Lower East Lab

Lower East Lab is a studio with all the possibilities within creativity, inspiration and exchange of ideas and knowledge. Design, learning, workshops, meetings, co-working and much more.


The creative industry is vibrant here with music, fashion, film, art and design attracting entrepreneurs from all over the world. The low cost of living is also a big attraction to startups.

Dates & Tuition

DATES | July 2017 (TBC)
TUITION | From $3000


Partnering With VACorps

About VACorps

VACorps specialize in the creation of inspiring internships and entrepreneurial training programs in the startup scene in Cape Town that are designed to satisfy professional and intellectual needs.

Cape Town

Cape Town is quickly emerging as Africa’s most happening place for start-ups, thanks to better bandwidth, an increase in the availability of funding, and new generation of risk-taking entrepreneurs.

Dates & Tuition

TUITION | From $3000

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It’s great that you’re interested in joining a Corkscrew Startup Experience. It’s important that you understand this is NOT a traditional Internship, but something that aims to disrupt the current systems and develop your professional and personal skills through training, work experience and unique global environments. Below are the steps to find out more and register interest.

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