Since 2010 we have been creating and running innovative programs under the Erasmus+ and LifeLong Learning initiatives in some of the most entrepreneurial cities including Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Dublin, Exeter and Stockholm. All our programs are based on a mindset that champions creativity without limits and courage without fear, Corkscrew Thinking. We want you to train in critical skills to be future ready.

We develop training programs to build an entrepreneurial mindset. Our coaches are able to create learning environments to improve critical skills for teachers and learners. We are committed to their continued professional development. Working with teachers, students, educational institutes and corporate clients.


We have been more than 5 years running programs in Barcelona. These are our partners in the city. By clicking the images below, you will be able to see what kind of collaboration we have with each of them and why.


Who are FabCAfe?

FabCafe is a space where people can come together and create connections. They provide access to a variety of digital manufacturing tools, such as laser cutters and 3D printers. Our participants will be able to bring their designs to life.



Who are LearnLife?

LearnLife is our Barcelona based educational partner. It is an innovative learning environment who are developing their own teaching methodology to build a collaborative learning community. LearnLife’s main goal is to develop new learning elements, learning spaces and learning technologies that are responsive to the inspirations, needs, and challenges of today’s children and future generations to come.

How we work with LearnLife

We host our programs in LearnLife’s community spaces, and run activities in collaboration with their trainers focusing on creativity and innovation.


Who are MOB?

MOB is a creative hub space, it hosts Barcelona’s first community of entrepreneurs and creatives. This community is bustling with entrepreneurs, professionals, techies, innovators, developers, designers and so much more. MOB has been supporting their community by offering the infrastructures, connections, training, advice and business opportunities that they need to kickstart and grow their business. 

How we work with MOB

We host our programs in the MOB spaces, and create connections between our students and their coworkers.



Who are Up! Training Club?

Up! Training Club are coworking and co-learning space where youth are the protagonist. It is the first training club that guides young adults to discover what they really want to do and get the skills, attitude and experience in shape to create or get a job they will love.

How we work with Up! Training Club

We host some of our Barcelona Erasmus+ programs in Up Training Club because it sets an environment where students get inspired by other young adults. Learners can immerse themselves with innovative training methodologies and can meet professionals from different sectors. 



We have designed 6 programs to be run under the Erasmus+ frame. All of them follow the same structure and their goal is to build an entrepreneurial mindset. Click on the images below to learn more about each program.


At Corkscrew, we also provide other activities, such as guided tours and sightseeing. Barcelona is a city known for its cultural offer, modernist buildings and art museums. If case you need help in booking your accommodation, just let us know in advance! We can assist in the logistics, we know the more comfortable places in town. We have more than 7 years experience running Erasmus+ programs for students. We can provide mobilities for staff and teachers too.


ALBA Serrano Queraltó

My name is Alba and I am from Barcelona. I have been involved in the Corkscrew journey for almost 2 years. Up to now, I have coached +100 students in our programs, and my goal has been always the same: inspire young people to be global changemakers. I have learned a lot during the process of guiding young students through entrepreneurship, and I have applied all those learnings in my professional career. During the last 3 years I have founded social companies to tackle climate action and education, I have worked in the design and creative sector, and I have had to develop new skills. Right now I am running business development at Corkscrew from my home city, and here we are ready to host your students and help them to own their future!


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Like a newsletter, but better, sign up below to receive the best of Corkscrew every month.

Like a newsletter, but better, sign up below to receive the best of Corkscrew every month.

Like a newsletter, but better, sign up below to receive the best of Corkscrew every month.