On average, employees will need 101 days a year of training and upskilling in the period up to 2022.

75 million of current jobs may be displaced by the shift in the division of labour between humans, machines and algorithms. 133 million new job roles may emerge at the same time.

Human skills such as creativity, initiative, critical thinking, resilience, flexibility and complex problem-solving will retain or increase their value in 2022.


It is proven that the 4th industrial revolution has created a skills gap of 1 million positions not getting filled on the American job market in the past year. Help your students become more employable by implementing corkscrew thinking in your institution. With a total of 7 years of experience connecting students and educational institutions with startups, Corkscrew has the confidence to say that we can help your students make a smooth transition from the classroom into the professional working environment.

Our team is daily working alongside the international startup community. Constantly taking the pulse on trends, markets and the global economy. We provide ready made programs, easy to implement and tweak depending on the needs of your students. And the best part is that we are disrupting the traditional internship approach by having your students develop critical skills to prepare them for the future of work. Corkscrew is making your students do real work for real companies. Free from digital dirty work and coffee runs. We provide the projects, the tools, the coaching and the safe spaces for them to make mistakes. Nothing more, nothing less.


Over the years we have developed different ways of incorporating Corkscrew Thinking in learning environments across the globe. Today your students can own their future while doing a Corkscrew program on campus, in one of our partnered co-work spaces abroad, or through their computer – working remotely. We have programs both for groups and for individuals. Read more about our bespoke partnerships below and decide what works best for your institution and your students.


Throughout the years, Corkscrew have built strong connections with educational institutions all over the world. We never would have made it this far without them. Click on the logos below to find out how we partnered with the institutes and how working with Corkscrew benefited their students.


(Pictured above: Carthage College Students in Barcelona 2019)

Jennifer Madden

Director, Master of Business & Innovation Program at Carthage College, Wisconsin USA

Carthage is sending their third cohort to Barcelona in May 2020 to do a capstone on their Master of Business & Innovation program.

The program director, Jennifer Madden has together with Corkscrew developed a program where students get to practise critical skills for the modern job market. Skills such as project management, team learning, creativity, critical thinking and remote working skills. 

Over 6 months the students will work in teams on client projects alongside their master studies, the whole program culminates in a 7 day Capstone in Barcelona where the students will pitch back to the clients in a live setting.

What value is added to the MBI by having a Corkscrew experience built into it?

The Corkscrew experience allows the students to apply the skills that they have learnt throughout the year into a real world scenario. The students get to use their new skill sets, apply them on a business that then can take that information and use it to develop their organization. There is something super powerful about being immersed and super engaged in this work that you can’t get from just reading case studies, listening to stories about other people’s similar experiences. To learn you need to be there and do the work, hands on!

Corkscrew and myself have also created a competitive advantage for the students going into the future workplace, where they can reach back to a real life experience and demonstrate how they have made an impact for real businesses.

Why did you choose to work with Corkscrew?

The power of working with Corkscrew was that they realised the newness of our masters program and the potential impact that the program could achieve. Corkscrew were able to give us a platform to rapidly apply our skill sets but also awaken the knowledge that all of it was possible.

What did Corkscrew bring to the table for your cohort?

Corkscrew provided connections to a group of startup businesses to work with my cohort, individual team coaching, communication facilitation, helping students overcome any language barriers and cultivate remote working skills.


Watch the video interview below to hear how Corkscrew partnered with Carthage College through a tailored capstone program.


(Students pitching at HATCH Startup Design Challenge 2019)

Emily Davies, SETsquared Student Startup Manager

Exeter, United Kingdom

University of Exeter is located in Exeter, Devon, South West of England in the United Kingdom and is ranked among the 150 best universities in the world for 2020. Corkscrew was once founded in Exeter so it became natural for us to make a local impact and partner up with the University of Exeter and the SETsquared department of the university in 2016.

How are you working with Corkscrew today? 

Corkscrew have come in to give guest talks as part of our core Startup Toolkit workshop series; to offer insight and training on areas such as Ideation and Market Validation. We recently collaborated with Corkscrew to create a new Startup Design Challenge called HATCH. This is an intensive 2.5 day event designed to ignite new startup ideas from a problem-first perspective and to teach participants how to test and validate their ideas to ensure they are creating viable, sustainable new enterprises.

Why did you decide to partner with Corkscrew?

The Corkscrew team have a great energy and connect really well with our students and recent graduates. They also share the values that we strive to promote through our Startup programmes at the University of Exeter: to challenge the status quo, to develop new startup ideas from a problem-first perspective, to put purpose front and centre, to stimulate and encourage creativity and to nurture new business ideas.

What value have your students gained from the Corkscrew experiences so far?

Our students have gained new connections. They have developed their creativity and confidence. The students have also received support in exploring, testing and validating their ideas.


Ian Gibson

Associate Dean at UC Irvine Division of Continuing Education, California, USA

UCI has been partnering with Corkscrew for the past 2 years, offering the Experienceship on campus. The program is offered to domestic and international learners from UCI and our global network of partnered Universities. The Experienceship runs for 4 weeks during the summer break and is the perfect transition from education to work. 

Why did UCI decide to partner with Corkscrew?

As the continuing education division of UC Irvine we are constantly looking for the best programs to boost our students employability. The Corkscrew approach gave us the opportunity to do so, as well as to differentiate our offering from competitors.  

What value has Corkscrew contributed with to your campus?

Corkscrew has contributed to our campus by introducing a new methodology in the field of internships, very hands on and experiential and focused on the skills needed for the 4th Industrial Revolution. Corkscrew’s approach to help students develop their professional experience is more scalable and allows us to have another revenue source for the division.

Who would you recommend to partner with Corkscrew?

I would recommend Corkscrew to any institution that is forward thinking and wants to boost their student’s employability in the modern world of work.
Corkscrew contributed with a great program to our campus and they also shared their expertise with us, which we did not have the time or resources to gain on our own.


(Pictured above: Neil Finnie, Corkscrew founder & IHM Business School students during pitch day)

Lena Flodin
Former Program Director, IHM Business School, Stockholm, Sweden

I have been working with Corkscrew for 5 years; offering the Experienceship program to students studying higher vocational programs on a college level from Stockholm and Gothenburg in Sweden. Students have been traveling from Sweden to Exeter to work from several co-working spaces and gain valuable work experience to help them take their first steps on a new career path. 

Why did you choose to work with Corkscrew?

Corkscrew was the obvious choice for me because of their unique approach of doing things. If you are used to doing something one way, Corkscrew makes you do it differently – or at least add a twist to it. Corkscrew empowers people to step away from the linear way of thinking and step outside of the box. Students get to build the courage to implement innovative ideas in the modern world, which is a priceless experience for students today.

What value have your students gained from the Corkscrew experiences so far?

The value I have seen my students gain from going on an Experienceship with Corkscrew is; international consulting experience within different industries, improving their creative problem solving skills and learning how to work well with people they don’t know. Another thing I see as great value is that several graduates have gone on to launch their own businesses after the experienceship with Corkscrew, this makes me so proud to see. Corkscrew added that extra value that the traditional educational system could not provide – and that’s priceless.

Below are some more institutes that we have partnered with or coached students from. We’ve worked with educational institutions to offer their students an alternative to traditional internships, coaching to help develop critical skills and created bespoke programs that fit flexibly around students fixed learnings.

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Meet Cece! She is the head of relationships and business development at Corkscrew. Her Corkscrew journey started 2 years ago when she flew from Sweden to the UK to take part in a Corkscrew Experienceship. A year later her spanish skills, in combination with her passion to make a change, brought her to work with Corkscrew in Barcelona and she hasn’t looked back since.

Cece is constantly immersed in the ever changing educational world. She reguarly keeps digital and in person conversations with educators and career advisors to stay on top of how together we can help students own their future.

Are you passionate about the future of education? Want to chat about our programs on offer? Get in touch with Cece below, she’s is always up for a chat!


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Like a newsletter, but better, sign up below to receive the best of Corkscrew every month.

Like a newsletter, but better, sign up below to receive the best of Corkscrew every month.