Corkscrew on Campus: Remote drop-in session at Hartwick College

Partner: Hartwick

Duration: 2 hours

Key Takeaways: 

  • Career Coaching
  • Micro Internship Abroad
  • Student Engagement
  • Remote Working Skill Development
Corkscrew has been in partnership with Hartwick College in Oneonta, New York since 2015. 

Working closely with their Career Services Team, we have helped multiple students access Scholarship funding which has enabled them to fly over to the European Startup Hub of Barcelona to join us for our 4 week Startup Experienceship Program. The focus of this program is to help participants develop creative confidence, an entrepreneurial mindset, an international network and a competitive Self Brand.

It has been our pleasure to host and coach Hartwick students over the years, and this year is no different. We love getting to know new brilliant minds, learn about their goals in life (not just in education) and to work together to help them realise how they can achieve them.

Corkscrew is going to New York.. or?

In previous years, we have relied upon the Hartwick Career Services Team telling students about our programs however this year we wanted to be more hands on in the recruitment process. An opportunity arose for us to participate in the Hartwick Internships EXPO – the one tiny problem was that we are based in Europe and trip to New York for a 2 hour event seemed a little excessive! Following some great conversation with the Assistant Director, Alison Dodge we hatched a plan. To try something we’d never done before and attend the event remotely. Once we’d thought of this it seemed silly we’d not thought of it before. What a brilliant way to engage students with the Future of Work and show them ‘remote working’ in real life!

What was the result?

The event beat all our expectations and created a lot of commotion during lunch hour at Hartwick. Many students and staff stopped by to ask what was going on, some were on their way to class and didn’t have time to chat but left their email to catch up on a different day. All this while a handful of students also sat down to chat with the team. Alison was there with us every step of the way, helping us with everything from technical set up and promotion to hosting. Thanks to her the event was such a success that we are looking to give it another go in the New Year to get the chance to speak to more Hartwick students.

Corkscrew thinking is all about challenging the status quo in creative ways, do you want us to come visit your institution remotely? 

Get in touch with Cece here to explore more about how we can set something up with you.


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Like a newsletter, but better, sign up below to receive the best of Corkscrew every month.