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With continuing support, many of our participants go on to launch a business venture after they finish a Corkscrew program.

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Dearbhaile Heaney, Ireland


About DRAW

DRAW provides graphic recording services to corporate meetings to bring clarity and meaning to an otherwise dull session. DRAW also provides drawing workshops to children in inner-city Dublin.


About Dearbhaile

Dearbhaile tapped into her love of art and design to create her dream company – DRAW. She is a passionate educator and has a wide range of experience teaching art and design to both children and adults.


Plans For The Future

Having successfully tested the concept, Dearbhaile is currently building up a large list of corporate prospects to work with. We typically check in with Dearbhaile every two weeks to provide direction and support.

Red Cauliflower

Cilia The, Netherlands


About Red Cauliflower

Injected with Cilia’s unique and impeccable taste in clothing, Red Cauliflower is a fashion company specialising in up-market, up-cycled vintage jackets and bags, sold in the fashion capital of Amsterdam.


About Cilia

With a keen interest in nutrition, health and fashion (and a healthy love of cauliflower), Cilia lives in Enschede in The Netherlands. She’s excited to have launched her first business and looks forward to a future of possibilities.


Plans For The Future

Cilia started by up-cycling second-hand vintage jackets and now has a new bag range which is being sold in shops around Amsterdam. Cilia is currently working to expand into more shops and increase her product range.

Soul Soup

Lloyd Hamilton, Ireland


About Soul Soup

SoulSoup is all about making a connection with people over good Soup in Dublin. They make and deliver the freshest and best-tasting soups to their customers around Dublin. Wholesome. Healthy. Delicious. Soul Soup.


About Lloyd

Lloyd’s family have always made great, fresh and wholesome soups. He’s always loved connecting with people and finding common ground on which to build friendships, and here he is today, making the best soup in town.


Plans For The Future

SoulSoup has been very busy working on new flavours, growing their customer base and distribution network. They’ve got some exciting new kit on order which will allow them to get into the soup biz with a bang!

Craic & Cultúr

John Byrne, Ireland


About Craic & Cultúr

Take an intimate tour through some of the traditional and best loved Bars in Galway. Experience the local characters, local music, and the famous Irish ‘Craic’ that has made Ireland and Irish renowned across the world.


About John

John’s has experience in almost every sector of the hospitality & leisure industries. His true passion is people, and what better way to connect with others than by generating memorable tourist experiences.


Plans For The Future

While just starting out, Craic & Cultur has big plans, hoping to expand their authentic Irish bar tours out to other cities around Ireland, including Dublin and Cork. John is working hard to make this vision a reality!

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