Spark new solutions through a new perspective

How Corkscrew Coaching can help you uncover new solutions

1// Hardwired
  • You’re hardwired to think in certain ways throughout your life, our coaching will help you reconfigure your approach to the challenges you face.
// Pressure
  • It’s not just about disrupting status quo’s, it’s about learning to identify social pressures and engaging through respectful dialogue.
// Community
  • Not only will you have a dedicated Corkscrew Coach, but you’ll also be part of the growing global community of Corkscrew Minds.
// Process
  • You’ll learn a tangible process that will help you navigate future problems and challenges by utilising and implementing our Corkscrew Loop.
// Energised
  • Your new solutions and approaches will provide you with the energy you need to tackle your challenge with a new renewed vigour.
// Action
  • Creative solutions are only the first step of the Corkscrew Loop, work with your Corkscrew Coach to build an action plan that will maximise potential.

Rethinking my traditional
approach gave
me unique insights to new solutions.

You'll learn to implement the four pillars of the Corkscrew Loop in every aspect of your life. You'll generate energy in the unique solutions you uncover and the courage to start each new journey you create.

Our Corkscrew Coaching packages are as unique as you are, as you learn to use each of the four elements of the Corkscrew Loop to uncover new solutions to your new and existing challenges in your everyday life. 

Learning to adopt a Corkscrew mind can solve a myriad of problems in any aspect of your life.

What's included in your
coaching package?

Individual Sessions


Each session lasts 40 minutes and includes a discover session, 4 sessions implementing the Corkscrew Loop and the final action plan session.

Access to monthly Q&A


Get lifetime support for new challenges and problems and learn how others are finding unique solutions with access to our monthly sessions.

Part of a growing community


When you join Corkscrew you join more than 1500 people that have used the Corkscrew Loop to solve problems with a different mind of thinking.

Bespoke Action Plan

Just You

We focus on building an action with you, just for you. Each package is completely unique and bespoke to your own situation and challenge.

Coaching Package Cost £475

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