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We’re Corkscrew, an innovative startup school and creator of unique evironments that stimulare creativity, initiative and emotional intelligence. We believe in helping people do better, both in their personal and professional lives. Keep learning, stay hungry.

Corkscrew are an innovative provider of internships and business startup programs located all over the world. We’re based in the vibrant city of Exeter, UK, and our focus is clear. We want to create the best opportunities for personal and professional development on the market.

Entrepreneurship & Business Development Training

Our internships are unique – we’re the only internship provider to offer training in business development for free alongside every program we run. The training and syllabus is unique to Corkscrew and covers the latest developments in marketing, business and entrepreneurship. The training will always be taught by industry professionals so you can be assured of quality.

A Trusted Provider Of Internship Experiences

We send hundreds of students a year on internship placements all over the world. Some join to gain contacts, extend their resume, develop language skills, earn university credit, explore a new culture, gain clarity or to have an experience that will stay with them for life. Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find something which is affordable, trustworthy and an incredible, worthwhile experience.

We know our internship programs are the best you can find. And we want to prove it to you.

Introducing *Corkscrew Thinking

Corkscrew Thinking is at the heart of everything we do. It’s problem solving creatively, teaching yourself new skills and leading others to create change – vital things that just aren’t taught anywhere else.


Our Mentors And Program Leaders

Neil Finnie

Neil Finnie

Corkscrew Founder & Mentor

A serial entrepreneur with more than 10 diverse years of experience launching and leading business start-ups, in several different areas from construction to youth travel.

Tom Brushwood

Tom Brushwood

Corkscrew Co-Founder & Mentor

An experienced graphic designer with an entrepreneurial streak. Tom’s specialism is in marketing, business and communication and has a passion for community focused projects.

Richard Walton

Richard Walton

Corkscrew Co-Founder

An experienced entrepreneur in youth travel with a keen interest in community development initiatives and a track record of over 15 years of experience in the industry.

Derv Heaney

Derv Heaney

Corkscrew Mentor

A designer/maker with over 10 years experience working in startups within the fields of art, technology, design and education. Currently working on projects worldwide.

Mark Flynn

Mark Flynn

Business Developer

A former television broadcast engineer with a background in digital media marketing. Mark is now a business development manager in the educational tourism industry.

Jørgen Smidstrup

Jørgen Smidstrup

Entrepreneur, educator, writer and chef

A multi-disciplined entrepreneur with vast experience in business startups and teaching. Founded Camillos Kitchen, a pop up restaurant and accompanying book.

Sissel Hansen

Sissel Hansen

Entrepreneur and writer

Sissel has founded and manages numerous businesses within the startup industry including Startup Guide World, Startup Guide Berlin, Berlin Porjects and You2Berlin.


After attending our programs, our participants gave us an overall experience rating of 98.3% (based on 54 reviews submitted in 2014) frequently mentioning points such as “I didn’t think it was possible to learn so much within 4 weeks.” (Emma McErlean, July 2014), “An amazing confidence building experience” (Denise Dunleavy, August 2014), “One of the most important experiences of my life so far” (Florian Röthig, April 2014) and sometimes just “Awesome” (John Brogan, August 2014).

Customer Reviews (Read More Here)

Ian Leonard, Ireland

“I would recommend this opportunity to absolutely everyone. It has been an amazing and enlightening experience that I am so delighted to have been part of. The lessons and skills learned here were taught in a way that I have never experienced before, and that is a big credit to the Corkscrew team.”

Ufuoma Eduwaye, Ireland

“Working as part of a team was fantastic and it gave me the opportunity to work with people with different personalities and skills. My Technical ability has improved immensely and my knowledge of social media platforms has increased a lot. Overall fantastic job.”

Gulcan Akyel, Germany

“It was definitely a great experience. It was good working with people from different cultures and backgrounds, giving me a better understanding of their working methods. The best thing about this programme for me was building a great social network and meeting friends that I’ll never forget!”

Olivier Choquereau, France

“For me, working with Corkscrew was about cultural exchange, developing my knowledge in a range of areas and learning more about entrepreneurship. This programme has helped me grow amazingly over the last few weeks and I will never forget such an amazing experience.”

Katya Radovanova, Bulgaria

“I loved the program and all the people involved. I’ve learned so much and I feel much more confident than I was before. You showed us that starting up your business is not impossible, as I had previously thought. I feel really inspired and motivated to continue working on my idea. Thanks for everything!”

Carl Sanders, Sweden

“This course has been great! Not only did we learn important things that will come in handy, no matter what we do in the future, but also because of all the nice persons we met. The idea of us working with real companies and organisations was awesome! For me it was the first real working experience.”

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