Ignite a new way of thinking with the Corkscrew Loop

The four pillars to perform the perfect Corkscrew Loop

1 // Recognise
  • Starting the Corkscrew loop is all about recognising the status quo you want to challenge or change.
2 // Empathise
  • It’s then important to understand and empathise with stakeholders that are maintaining the status quo.
3 // Devise
  • Now look for new paths, be creative and devise new solutions to replace those traditional systems.
4 // Galvanise
  • To finish the loop it’s critical to galvanise your courage to implement your alternative solution.

Rethinking my traditional
approach gave
me unique insights to new solutions.

When you follow the simple steps of the Corkscrew Loop you'll begin to find alternatives to one of the most dangerous sayings, we've always done it that way.

You can use the Corkscrew Loop in your professional or personal life as you look to find alternatives to everyday challenges. To find out how you can implement the Corkscrew Loop check out our Corkscrew Mindset coaching packages.

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